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Free Catheter Supplies Delivered Directly to Your Home

Great Resource for Free Catheter Supplies

Free Catheter Supplies Delivery

If you're looking for high quality catheter supplies, you've come to the right place. FreedoMed is the nation's leading mail-order, catheter supply company. We carry a broad selection of male and female intermittent catheters, Foley (indwelling) catheters, external condom catheters and closed system catheters and can deliver them directly to your home. We have the high quality selection you need and an educated staff ready to assist you in getting the catheter supplies you are looking for.

Why Choose FreedoMed for Your Catheter Supplies?

At FreedoMed, we’ll make sure you get the catheter supply you need when you need them so you don’t have to reuse catheters. With catheter supplies from FreedoMed, you’ll have:

  • FREE delivery of catheter supplies directly to your home
  • No waiting for reimbursement of your catheter supplies
  • No Medicare claim forms to complete to get catheter supplies
  • No more trips to the pharmacy or waiting in line to pick up catheter supplies
  • Little or no cost to you*

We'll make getting your catheter supplies simple, easy and stress-free. At FreedoMed, your complete satisfaction is our goal. Once you get your first delivery, we'll contact you to make sure you have more catheter supplies sent to you based on your use so you'll always have what you need.

Using Our Catheter Supplies

We make it our mission to deliver quality catheter supplies that can help people become more independent. We believe in patient education with superior service and we stand behind it. We can give direction on self-catheterization using any of the catheters that we sell. We want to help you feel comfortable with the products you are using, so we are here to assist you.

Self-catheterization is easy to learn. Most self-catheterization kits can be carried discreetly in a pocket or bag. This way, you don't have to rely on anyone except yourself for care. If you are a catheter user but have never discussed your ideal choices for catheters with someone, please give us a call.

Catheter Supplies from FreedoMed

Whatever catheters you are comfortable using, we have high quality products to match. If your doctor has recommended a new type of catheter for you to try, we can help you feel more comfortable with it. We'll make getting your catheter supply simple so you can concentrate on living your lifestyle of choice without fear of embarrassment. With our catheter supply, you can be around friends and family and feel comfortable, and you won't have to wash and reuse catheters. Give us a call today or apply online to see if you qualify for free catheter supplies from FreedoMed!

* Prescription required. Co-payments, deductibles and conditions apply.

*Co-payments, deductibles and some restrictions apply.