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Female Catheter Supply & Delivery

If you're a female dealing with urinary incontinence, spina bifida or any other condition that causes bladder control issues, you've come to the right place. At FreedoMed, we have a high quality female catheter selection so you and your doctor can decide what's best for you. With our female urinary catheter supplies, you can have a clean, fresh catheter ready whenever you need one, and if you are able to perform self-catheterization you won't have to rely on anyone for care. Plus, if you're on Medicare and have a doctor's prescription, you could get your female catheter supply for little to no money out of your pocket. Learn more about our female catheter supply and see what could make the most difference for you!

Intermittent Female Catheter

If an intermittent female urinary catheter is the best solution for you, we have the supply to meet your needs. An intermittent female catheter is a single-use item so it should never be cleaned and reused. Female catheter insertion occurs through the urethra and helps drain the bladder. If you have urinary incontinence, an intermittent female catheter might be the best choice for you. This type of catheter comes with two tips: straight and coude. The former is straight and the latter has a slight bend on the tip. An intermittent female catheter comes in French sizes 8 Fr to 24 Fr and is around six inches in length.

External Female Catheter

An external female catheter is worn outside the body. External female catheters are a good alternative to other types of catheters because they eliminate the worry about damage to the urethra during insertion. A female external urinary catheter resembles a pouch and is used with a drainage bag. This is a good option for many women but it is generally not recommended for those who are in a wheelchair or are bedbound.

Indwelling Female Catheter

An indwelling female catheter, also known as a Foley catheter, is inserted during a surgical procedure. Insertion is sometimes done through a small opening in the abdomen, or another variety is placed inside the bladder through the urethra. In the case of the latter, a small balloon holds the catheter in place. Unlike intermittent and external catheters, an indwelling female urinary catheter is meant to be worn for a longer period of time.

Female Catheter Supply from FreedoMed

If you're looking for female catheter supplies, we have the selection to meet your needs. Whether you are already comfortable with a certain kind of female catheter or your doctor has recommended something new, we can help you. We'll deliver everything you need right to your door, and if you're on Medicare and have a doctor's prescription, you could even get your female catheter supplies for free. Give us a call today or fill out an eligibility form to see if you quality for free female catheter supplies!

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