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Medicare Provided Free Catheter Supplies

Our Catheter Supply Company Accepts Medicare

If you're currently on Medicare, you could be entitled to free catheter supplies delivered right to your door! As a participating Medicare provider, FreedoMed accepts Medicare assignment for catheter orders. Imagine having a clean, new catheter available whenever you need it – at no cost to you. With FreedoMed, it's possible! Not sure if you're eligible? Contact us today to see if you quality for free catheter supplies!

How to Get a Free Catheter Supply

With FreedoMed, it's easy to get a free catheter supply. A representative will request documentation from your physician, including diagnosis and frequency of catheterization, to verify your condition includes coverage for catheter supplies.

After we verify your Medicare benefits, we will contact you to let you know if our catheter supply company works with your Medicare plan* and if there will be any cost to you.

Since FreedoMed is a Medicare provider, the majority of our patients have no out of pocket expenses! Once we receive the completed Medical Authorization form and Physician's Order from your doctor, we will ship your first supply of free catheters to your home.

Free Catheter Supplies Provided

To be eligible for free catheter supplies through your Medicare plan, you must have permanent urinary incontinence or retention, as diagnosed and documented by your physician.

The types of catheter supplies sent to you are based on the urological supplies requested, your physician's consent and your Medicare coverage. If any of the requested catheter supplies are not covered by your Medicare plan, we will contact you prior to shipping your order. After we ship your initial order of catheters, a FreedoMed representative will contact you once every few days to discuss your urological supply needs before shipping your next order.

Medicare Update for Catheter Users: New Change in Medicare Policy for Reimbursement of Intermittent Catheters

Medicare will now pay for a maximum of 200 intermittent catheters per month, per patient (up from four catheters per month). That means you will no longer have to boil, wash or dry your used catheters!

With this policy change, Medicare beneficiaries using intermittent catheters will no longer have to reuse their catheters and Medicare will reimburse for the increased usage. This benefit improvement helps intermittent catheter users reduce the debilitating and costly consequences of urinary tract infections.

Call your catheter specialist at FreedoMed to discuss this significant improvement to your Medicare free catheter benefit.

Remember, with your physician's approval you can now get up to 200 free catheters per month!

FreedoMed will bill Medicare for each of your monthly free catheter supply shipments. Depending on your Medicare plan, there will be little or no out of pocket cost to you (after co-pays and/or deductibles).

Free Catheter Supply from FreedoMed

If you are on Medicare and are tired of cleaning and reusing catheters, give us a call. We'll work to determine if you qualify, and if you do, we'll get your free catheter supply to you in practically no time at all. Contact us to see if you qualify for a free catheter supply today!

*Co-payments, deductibles and some restrictions apply.