Get Quality Brand Name Catheters Delivered Directly to Your Door

Are you still reusing your catheters? Did you know you could be using a new, clean catheter whenever you need one and have all the catheter supplies you need delivered right to your door for free?

FreedoMed offers free delivery on disposable catheters and helps you find out if you're eligible for free catheter supplies through Medicare! If you are a Medicare patient, we will work with your doctor and your Medicare plan to obtain catheter supplies at little or no cost to you. When you make the switch to FreedoMed, we'll make sure you have a supply of clean catheters on hand whenever you need them, so you never have to reuse catheters again. If you're ready to experience the difference FreedoMed catheter delivery can make in your life, contact us today!

Why Choose Catheter Delivery

At FreedoMed, our mission is to help you become more independent. With self-catheterization made possible with our quality urological products, you will be able to enjoy spending time with friends and family in comfort and you won't need to rely on anyone for assistance with your catheters. And with catheter delivery from FreedoMed, you can have your catheters delivered right to your door, saving you time and a trip to the pharmacy every time you need a new catheter. Having a clean catheter ready whenever you need it, with no stress on your part, is only a phone call away! Let us take charge of your catheter supply so you can concentrate on living your life without worrying about your catheters.

Best of all, with FreedoMed you can receive your catheter supplies at little or no cost with free delivery and no Medicare paperwork to fill out. Give us a call to see whether you qualify for Medicare coverage of your catheters. You could be eligible to receive a free catheter supply delivered to your door right now - and we'll help find out if you are!

Our Catheter Supplies

We have a great selection of catheters to choose from. Our inventory includes male catheters, female catheters, single-use catheters, intermittent catheters, external catheters and indwelling catheters (Foley catheters) and more. Whatever catheters you've become accustomed to, we can supply and deliver right to your door.

Looking for a new catheter? We can recommend catheters that might be better suited to your unique needs. Not sure what you need? That's no problem - we can help you choose the best catheter supplies for your situation so you'll have the freedom to live the lifestyle you desire.

Catheters from FreedoMed

At FreedoMed, we want you to be completely satisfied with our service. That's why we offer personalized customer assistance so you can expect top-notch treatment as one of our customers. We work with you to get you free or extremely low cost catheters, helping you regain your independence. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is available to assist you and help you get the best catheters for your situation. Call us at 888-722-7556 or fill out a catheter delivery eligibility form today to find out how we can help you!

*Co-payments, deductibles and some restrictions apply.

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  • We’ll call your doctor and bill Medicare so you don’t have to complete any claim forms.
  • You'll receive your order within a few days, and shipping is always FREE!
Intermittent Catheter

We carry a wide range of intermittent Catheters for both men and women.

Indwelling Catheter

We carry a wide range of indwelling Catheters for both men and women.

External Catheter

We carry a wide range of External Catheters for both men and women.